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Jan 8, 2012
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East Texas
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My 35 mm 1.8 prime will not focus or let me take a photo. My kit lens works fine do I'm assuming it is just my lens. I have not dropped it and it worked gone last night. Any ideas why it's not working? It's only a few months old and I bought it new.

I'm planning on calling Nikon but wanted to see if anyone else has has this problem.

Thanks! :(
Sounds like calling Nikon is the move...

If you put it in manual focus are you able to focus and shoot?
No, even if I focus in manual it won't work. :( I called and she said basically I already troubleshot it by testing with my kit lens and to send it in to get repaired. I'm so sad!!

I just tried manual focus again and it did let me take a photo. Guess I wasn't focused enough the first time.
At least I have my kit lens. I might go nuts while it's getting repaired!
That gives you an excuse to shoot at 18mm! Fun even on a kit lens :)
Now the question is should I wait and send it to Nikon after march 27th after my trip to the dallas arboretum and shoot in manual, OR send it off Monday and hope I get it back in time? I was looking forward to some nice bokeh attempts at the arboretum.
I just bought it--- it's still under warranty and it's working now. I do plan to send it back but want it for a trip I was looking forward to.

Oh, I posted a MF ? thread in the beginners thread and I posted where it started working again. Sorry I didn't update here.

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