Hertzilein! You DID it!


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Feb 1, 2004
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You reached your 12.000 posts (plus 2).
Just double your count and you'll have almost reached me! As easy as that :biggrin: !
Well done HvR, you made it through the barrier intact, can't have been easy for you...

Actually, I don't remember seeing celebratory post back there Corinna for the 24k. And nice work on the other thread... ;)
Pssst, Chris, it's because there wasn't any. I just tiptoed into the 24.000. Don't tell anyone I'm there, ok?
Congratulations! I am afraid of the other side though ...

I am still considering not to cross the line at 10 000 at all.
To be honest, I hadn't even noticed.
As you all know I spam - and start spam threads - just for fun, not with any intention of raising my post count.
I think I have gone on record a number of times that I think the post count should be switched off.
But as long as some people keep thinking that the number of posts you make is important then I will keep making fun of it.

Do you want me to hit 24,000 by lunchtime? :twisted:
But as long as some people keep thinking that the number of posts you make is important then I will keep making fun of it.

Hmm, what if there is not much more left in my life than my postcount?

BTW, why does LaFoto call you Hertzilein (which sounds very positive and nice in German), whereas I am just called Du Dödel in recent threads (which sounds much less nice ... if not even offensive ;) )
Since lunchtime starts in some 6 minutes from now, I fear you might be having a hard time meeting me :D - other than right here in Germany at the end of May, of course !!! (And have you ever known a better example than yours truly to find out that a high post count does not mean a thing AT ALL? Whether I post or whether I don't post ... no one will notice the difference, anyway).

And thanks for not telling, Chris! :wink:
If you trawl the archives Corinna has explained why she calls me that.

You think I can't post 12,000 in 5 minutes?
I could if you turned the post timer off on the Board. I mean, having to wait 20 seconds to spam. Outrageous.
How can I be my old self with that handicap?
Ach, Alex........
Do you want me to hit 24,000 by lunchtime? :twisted:
Please, don't anyone say 'yes'. I have no doubt that if he sets his mind to it, he'll do it.

Okay, since you don't care about post counts, I won't 'congratulate' you on reaching 12,000. But I'll reiterate that your posts have been helpful, informative, and funny, and I always look forward to reading what you've written. I know you have helped and inspired many members. Now if only we could get you over your Canuckophobia... :greenpbl:
Oh so he gets the cute cuddle smileys and I get ignored?
Looks like I've been dumped for a younger man...

That younger man currently feels as old as his avatar looks. just less merry.

And I am sure the dumping is only temporary.

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