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Aug 28, 2010
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Lake Charles, LA
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My name is DAN, currently living in Shanghai. I bought a Sony Cyber-shot a couple of years ago and have had fun taking pictures with it. Mostly random stuff that I thought looked interesting at the time. Looking back on my pics from different trips I felt they were'nt that great and thought I should up grade. So after looking online, I picked up an NEX-3K a couple of days ago and wow, what a difference. I pretty much dont know how to use it but learning how to use it is part of the fun, well at least for me it is. I dont intend on becoming a photograher or should I say proffesional. I just plan on enjoying the time out exploring what this world has to offer, good or bad and maybe come away with some visual memories so to speak.
Hey Dan. Welcome! You know what I also notice. Once you start understanding how to use a DSLR (basic understanding of exposure), pictures you take with a regular point and shoot camera will be better too!

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