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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
Hi! Must apologise as i only now scrolled down past wedding & portrait photog forum, to discover this welcomes & introductions area! SORRY!
I am in love with all things Family and Photography. It's been a passion of mine for some time now and have recently bought my first DSLR, a Canon350D! I love it.... but keen to get some courses under my belt! Thinking of a few 8week night courses at a photography college in Brisbane.... Have always had excellent feedback from family & friends but now preparing myself for a few floggings from the pros!!!! Scary!!!! I am really hoping to start my own business........ actually, i should refrase... I AM GOING TO OPEN MY OWN PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS before the end of the year! In fact it's pretty much on my mind 24 7!! So for the rest of the year i will continue reading all things photography, do some courses and take absurd amounts of photos! I am a people person 'photographer', love portraits of all ages, shapes and sizes.... kiddies are perhaps my favourite. Am shooting 2 weddings for friends this weekend and the following... more excited than anxious! Loving this website already and will now go and read all other "NOOB" introductions. xxx:heart:
Welcome to TPF!! :D
Ditto! Enjoy the Forum.
Welcome to ThePhotoForum, jemmy, and I have already "seen" you in the Wedding and Portrait Gallery, but it's good to see you down here, too, so I can read a little about what interests you most and what you like and all that. (Took me a while to find this section "down here", too, over two years ago ;))
Welcome to the forum Jemmy. Good luck with your big venture...this is the place to be for all things photographic.
hey jemmy.. welcome to TPF.. and good luck on your new venture...
hope to see you around :D

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