Hi everyone, back after awhile, gentle cc please.


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Jun 11, 2011
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Waldorf, Md.
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I haven't been around for awhile because I fell and had to have foot surgery. I am on the mend and the way to recovery and don't want to watch a lot of TV so I am working on some pictures. Gentle cc please :O) Thank you!


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Please know the word gentle means constructive criticism is okay and isn't going to make me go crazy and interfere with my foot healing. I love photographing, especially my beautiful little girl and really would like to develop so I can do more of it. My surgery went well I got to see the x-rays before and after, talk about cool photos! I am going to take care of the foot, even if I am the worst photographer ever :O)

Thank you!
I'm no pro, but you're not the worst photographer ever. What I personally see may be a personal preference...to *me* #1, 2 and 4 seem a bit over sharpened, the skin softened a little bit much or something weird in #4 with #3 being perhaps a tiny bit underexposed or something. But I don't know a dang about editing or what looks "right". I just noticed how sharp-too sharp-they seemed to me. I do like how natural they seem...not all that posey, and that's what I like in pictures. I hate the "normal" poses!
Thank you Tenacious! I have done some that were too soft before, so yes it seems I went a bit too overboard on the sharpening. This will help me remember that when I do other photos. Maybe I'll take one of the originals and try again and see if that comes out better. I did use a skin smoothing action on 4, and I think also, I should try it with less opacity. Thank you so much for your help!
I think 3 & 4, while the poses seem natural and the pictures are quite sharp, the PPing has made them over bright, over contrasty and oversharpened.

#1 & #2 both have the same issue; imo, the background is too bright and the woman fades in comparison.
I have darkened the background (roughly) in the two examples below.
You might want to adjust the skin tones so they are the same in both pictures.

You may have made #1 square to include the leaves but there really is a lot of excess room in there and I think the subject gets more attention if the crop is tighter.

OK. The first one seems tangled up in the branches. Maybe a different head postion? The rest are nice.
Thank you all. These are very helpful. I must have overdone issues I had in the past, its time to go back a little :O) Thank you all!
The only thing i really don't like here is the branch directly on her head in the first photo.
All in all these are pretty good. The focus is ok and colors aren't overdone. Go on like this :)

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