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Nov 25, 2007
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I'm a begginer photographer, but I understand most of the theory of taking photos (shutter speed, exposure, etc). I currently own a Concord Q-eye 4060 AF. It has 4 MP, 6x Digital Zoom (Yuck!), and it looks like it destabilizes the image in purpose.

So I'm looking for a POINT-AND-SHOOT!! camera. I just can't carry a dslr, and they're too expensive for me (13 years old). Here are my choices:

-Nikon L1

-Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3


-Nikon L10

I'm not too sure. I tried the L10, and the photos look awesome in the camera. I like the Lumix because the nice zoom, and in this site:

Looks like you can change the ISO and the shutter speed. I'm not too sure, can anybody help me?
Look into a PnS with a manual mode, Brands are preference, I prefer Canon, ill be picking up an sx1000 to replace my old A420 this year. Go to the store and play with some, see what you like and dont like.
Look at the little Sony Cyber-shots. My friend has one that takes outstanding pictures. I reccommend it so much that I got one for my mom. The big difference is the Carl Zeiss (not sure of spelling) lens that it has. I have a little Casio point and shoot to throw in my purse so I never miss a shot (my real camera is an SLR). The quality is not that great, I think it's the lens.

So in a nut shell, try out a Sony Cyber-shot and make sure it has a Carl Zeiss lens. (it says so on the outside of the lens right on the front of the camera)

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Are you a begginer or a beginner? :smiley:
I tend to refer people to Canon Powershots, Sony Cybershots, and Nikon CoolPix.. however there are many good point and shoot cameras, including Pentax and Fugifilm for example.

The only p&s digital I've used that I did not like was the kodak easyshare line, I find they just had really horrible image quality indoors, even when the flash was used. (but this was a lower end 3.0 megapixel one I used, not an SLR-Like with manual control, etc. I've not heard any reviews on the kodak slr-likes)

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