Hi, I'd like an order of C&C please...

I like everything about #1, cropping it so tightly gives me some what of the feeling of joy she is suppose to be getting from playing the Uke. I don't mind that the top of her head is cropped. #2 is a nice snapshot. #3 looks like a serious advertising photo. #4 might benefit from straightening, I'm not sure. #5, does nothing for me, the subject is not attractive to my eye.

Keep pushing that button :)
1- pan out more
2- pan down more
3- boring
4- i like this. Framing and tones are nice.
5- dont like the focus here. The part that is in focus is kind of muddled in the middle in stead of being prominent in the front. Framing could have been centered a bit better too.
Nice Rokinon shot. Amazing shot from an affordable lens.


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