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Mar 4, 2009
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Hi guys. although my father is a very good photographer, I am useless with a camera and also with how to properly use them.

My area of expertise is painting. I have recently finished a painting that is on a 40" diameter circular canvas. I set up my 6.0 megapixel digital camera on a tripod in my living room to snap a photo of it in high resolution because I want to make prints of this painting to 1:1 scale.

So i took the photo. I opened it in photoshop and changed the resolution to 300dpi and made sure the image was the size i needed.

The file was very large (as expected). It was about 250 mb. So far so good I thought. But then when I went to view the image at 100% regular maginification (obviously it was much larger than the screen) I was disappointed to see that it was blurry and pixelated.

I thought I did everything necessary to create a sharp printable (large format) print of this image but I guess either I did something wrong or I dont have a good enough camera.

Is 6.0 megapixels not enough for what I am doing? Was it perhaps an issue of lighting? That's what my dad said it might be but he lives over seas and can't help too much.


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Some might say that what you are doing is 'pixel peeping'....you are zooming in very close to evaluate the quality. This might be the equivalent to evaluating a painting with your nose pressed up against it.

Of course, there are other factors. The quality of your digital camera and the quality of it's lens, for example. Lighting and exposure might also be an issue.

Lastly, the way to really judge the quality should be to make a print and view it at a normal viewing distance. A 40" print might be pushing the limits of 6 MP though.

Thanks for the reply. The thing is that I need the image to be sharp since I have to decide whether its worth the money to have it printed.

If I pay for it and it comes out blurry when viewing the details (which are sharp on the painting) then I feel like I will be wasting money.

How are giant billboards and subway posters printed in large format so picture perfect??? How do they do it? Has it got something to do with the camera?
btw - Go oilers!

Are we even considering a move at the deadline today? I was hoping for atleast SOMETHING.....i'll take anything at this point.

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How are giant billboards and subway posters printed in large format so picture perfect???

Hehe, this reminds me of a quote my friend used to say about a particular female we viewed from a distance.

"She looks good from afar but far from good."
40" is definatly pushing 6mp which really is struggling once you get to A3 sizes or thereabouts.

If I was doing the shot I'd use a Medium Format 6x6cm film camera. As the canvas is round the square format makes sense and would work very well.

Sadly I don't think you'll manage what you want with your present camera. I would see if you can find a local photographer and see if they can help you.. or rent a MF camera.. or even buy a TLR MF as they can be had fairly cheaply ( under $100 ) and can produce awsome images. Renting a camera or a local photographer would be the more logical option though ( buying a TLR does require a good deal of research ).

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