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Nov 14, 2007
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Hey all, I just joined here, and from what I see there is alot here for me to learn and to try and join in and learn the world of Photography.

Currently I am taking Photography courses at school, and it is a blast. Im looking to get a Canon Rebel XT or XTi in the near future to start a portfolio.

I Dont know alot about Photography, but I do understand alot of concepts. I love sports and I hope to take good pictures of the sports as well as nature.

--On a side note, Ive been told to get a 75-300 lense for a Canon Rebel XT or XTi, as I mentioned earlier. Does anyone have any suggestions or Model/Company names for good lenses, that wont exactly break the bank?
welcome to the forum :)

unfortunately .. I am not good with gear advice, since my advice always breaks the credit limits ;)
Hello and welcome. Sorry I can't help since I don't really know or shoot Cannon. you may want to post this in the beginners forum.
Welcome aboard.
Hey jumboshrimp, nice name. :wink:
Hi Jumbo, welcome to the forum. Can't advise you on equipment unless it's Nikon. Hope to see you around here a lot. And good luck in school, you will have a blast I'm sure.

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