Highway 1 sunset


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Jan 31, 2014
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driving down Higway 1 on my honeymoon i saw this great sunset, has been edited in lightroom, what do you guys think?
looks great mate. what editing did you do?

It's a beautiful sunset. I just can't help but think that if it attracted so much attention, though, that something wasn't quite right...

OP: "Hey, honey, look at that beautiful sunset! How about we pull over, get out a whole bunch of different camera gear, spend a while setting it all out, take a few pictures and then start packing it all up again. You know, instead of just getting our hotel room post haste and doin' the Honeymoon Deed."
OP Spouse: "Oh hey, that's a GREAT idea. How about I just drop you off here and come back to pick you up in, say...Never."
brought the details out in the foreground, added a bit of orange, saturated the colors but not so much that you couldn't see the rain on the far right, added a bit of blue and aqua to the top to try and make a sky that your eye likes to be pushed and pulled in with the contrast of warm and cold colors, I sharpened it and added a bit of contrast
lol, she is very patient with me I found a good one (plus it was only about 15 min of picture taking :p)

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