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Sep 15, 2012
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Memphis, TN
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Hello, I went on a little hike on some land by my house. it's a random trail and I followed it to practice my photography. Here are what I think were the best pictures of the ones I took today. Critique would be greatly appreciated.

*None of the photos have been edited, and they were all taken with a Canon T3i with kit 18-55mm lens. No tripod either.

A boat I came by at the end of the trail. Scared me a little because I have never seen people on the trail and there are no nearby houses.
Shutter 1/160, F 9.0, ISO 100

This is a large chimney, I think it was used in the coffee industry a while back.
Shutter 1/500, f 9.0, ISO 400

Shutter 1/100, F 4.5, ISO 400

Shutter 1/400, F 9.0, ISO 200
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Hi, Im No pro as a matter of fact I cant even call myself an amature as I've recently taken an interest in photography, but My eye work just fine and I think these pic's are awesome. Keep up the great work!
2 and 4 are the best. I like 2, but I feel like I need more context with this shot. You know where and why it exists, but I feel like I need to know more about these smoke stacks "visually" to feel engaged.
The photo loses me after short time as I don't feel any connection to it.

The spider shot stands on it's own more than any of the others. The best of the set in my opinion.

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