Hockey Portrait #2

Wow yet another great shot!
Love this! Hockey's my sport. Nice in B&W.
A strong image. With respect, a quick edit. Simply separated her a bit from the background. Kudos for handling the lighting. Will happily delete if you wish.

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with all due respect, I prefer it how it was originally presented
all due respect, I prefer it how it was originally presented

I have no problem with the image as presented for digital review. I'm sure you already do this, so this is primarily a comment for those who dont know. On all images I edit the ones for print slightly different than those for digital viewing. When viewing an image on screen you have the benefit of backlighting while a print relies solely on reflected light. Marginal shadow transition that looks good on screen, tends to fill in on a print, the same holds true on saturated colors. Most reputable labs supplie ICC profiles for all their products which I use to Soft Proof an image, so that the final print is a WYSIWYG duplicate of my screen.
Very nice portrait.
Just a broad reminder to all: before you decide to do an edit on another member's work, please check their preferences on photo editing. Located with every post (yours, too!) under their user name. "Photos OK/NOT OK ti edit." If you feel strongly about your suggestion, contact the member via PM (conversations) before posting anything.

To be fair, I changed it AFTER they did the edit. When they did the edit, it still said "ok to edit."

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