Hola from Texas!


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Jan 13, 2012
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The Lone Star State
My name is Lesley but my friends and family call me Les. I am new to this forum.
I took so many pictures with my iPhone and some of them came out really nice. I figured to buy a T3i as a Christmas present from me to me. :sexywink: I am on another photography forum but I don't visit it often. I figured to try this forum because it has iPhone app. I think it will be easier for me to visit the forum on my phone than on the computer. T3i is my first DSLR. :lovey: I took some pictures at the zoo and I was pleased with some of the pictures. The California sea lion pictures were okay. I couldn't get in the center of the exhibit because there were many people sitting watching them dancing under the water.
Photography is my new hobby. I hope I will do well when I take pictures of old classic cars. I love the classic cars!
I am not looking for the critiques.... at least not yet!


Taken with T3i & 18-55mm lens. I hope to buy a better lens sometime this year. ;)

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