Holga neone?


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Sep 2, 2010
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neone shoot with a holga? i know its a crappy camera and all but i recently got a holga TIM and iam really surprised with the pictures (altho the developers at walmart screwed **** up for me) even just crappy pictures have a very vintage/ artsy look to them and they kinda look cool, if i were to take the same pic with my film slr it would look like crap. ne one shooting with a TIM a half frame of some sort of lomo camera?
i've had a lens baby lying around that got very little use and i've put it on my film slr with a plastic lens it, waiting to see if i am gonna get similar results with that :)
i don't understand if this is a question?

There are quite a few folks out there who make beautiful images with "toy cameras".
If works better if one knows about lighting and what film and developer combo is used.

check these
john t satterlee - toycamera photography
no questions, just slightly impressed by the output of these toy cameras. Wondering if ne on the forums takes out their toy cameras and leaves behind the slrs for a day or two?
yes, which tool i use depends on what i want the outcome to look like.

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