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Dec 26, 2020
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Backgound of the photo.
Our oldest Daughter just graduated with her Associates degree in business (Later got her B.G. in accounting and doing very well). Our twins had just graduated the same month from tech school.
(My Son still works at a machine shop and doing great!) Our Daughter married a great boy who was on Submarines and is now working as a contractor for the marine industry.(Who also has blessed us with two Grand Sons)
Our German shepherd (Rosco)had just finished "Good K9 Citizen shop course" and was a 110 lb boy of love and joy! LOVED everyone who he came in contact with!
Rosco passed in 2017.

I hope you enjoy the picture!
Well, the story behind it makes it I suppose.
Beautiful family! 3 special events/people and a pup :) Welcome to the forum
Beautiful family!

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