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Feb 2, 2005
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i am not sure if these should be snapshots, or bloopers...with me taking shots, and crying at the same time, i think bloopers....:lol:

my son graduated the air force basic training, at san antonio texas...


this is how he looked to everyone else.......


this is how he looked to me.....i could see him in his little air force flight suit i had for him when he was not even a year and a half.....:lovey:


maybe i had an intuition...?????

nah, i doubt it...but i was shocked at how 20 years with me, and the airforce had him 7 weeks, and totally changed him!! i could never get him to keep his room clean....;)


now he is spotless!!

and the poor thing, not only is his mother like morticia adams...his daddy is like jeff foxworthy from the 70's...!!! tell me we didnt stand out!!!


(daddy always has the cigarrettes on hand....) :er:

his grandmother's reaction when she first got a glimpse of him!!


and the mascot of the fighting 323...they are the vipers!


and this shot made me think of jonmikals shot at the tomb of the unknown soldier...
at 1700 hrs..( 5.00 pm..) they play our national anthem...and no matter where you are on base, the boys stop and salute....after taking this shot, my son turned around and said, you were supposed to cover your heart... i said, was to busy covering my son...!!!


him at the alamo.....


and ofcourse we had to have a shot of home!!!


there has been nothing in this world that i have done or been a part of, that
has made me prouder than i am of my has had nothing to do with me..
he is just a spectacular person...and i am proud to be a small bit of his life..

sorry for all the shots....but i thought i would get them over with and you
wouldnt have a couple of threads to go thru....
btw... he now has access to the web, since he is outta basics...his name on here
is Knot Fan... and he called me today and asked why i have not put these on here, yet...

so caleb..( aka Knot Fan...) love ya... and you can leave me a message here if you finally see this....thanks for being such a blessing and joy....( even if you seem a tad bit bossy, now..)
call me soon...
Super memory moments...
Great series of shots - especially including the one when he was 1-1/2. Auto-focus comes in handy when the eyes are all watery huh?
Congratulations to your son AprilRaven. You must be so proud of him yet it must be so difficult all at the same time. Earlier this month I went down to Arizona to watch my cousin graduate from F-16 Fighter Training "School" and I believe in early April he will be heading over to Europe. It has been amazing to watch hissite and see him progress from OTS to where he is today :)

Once again, congrats
destindave, thank you, and your right...watery eyes are hard to get over...

and brittany, congrats to your cousin... that is a great accomplishment...

i think every american should go sit thru one of these services...when my son took the oath, with over 750 other men and women, it was the most gut wrenching thing... the whole audience was in tears....just beautiful..makes you proud to be an american....
Good job raven you've captured the day brilliantly, we do things a bit differently over here, but i can tell what the atmosphere must have been like. Your son look like he'll go far, and what a cool mascot!... i mean they could have been 'The Hamsters' or something.... that would be unfair!... vipers definately cooler:lol: Good to see this stuff raven :thumbup:
Wow, Aprilraven, what a moving post. The deep love and pride you have for your son shines through in what you wrote. He is the spectacular young man you describe based largely on the upbringing he received. How incredibly proud you must be as he moves on to this new stage of his life. But I'm sure it's also tinged with some sadness, as your 'baby' is all growed up now. Hugs to you, girl. :hug::
Wow, April. What a great series. I remember the posts of Caleb from before(when he had hair:lmao: ) What a difference.
Im sure you are proud of Caleb, but I think everybody should be proud of the people who are willing to give up their lives to keep us free. He will serve his country fine. He is an awesome man.
Thanks for sharing these. :hug:: :hugs: :hug::
Hi April! My son just graduated last year. Yeah Air Force!!!!!!!!!!!
What a handsome guy. I bet you are super proud. What squadran was he in? Mine was in the Wolfpack. :)
Big Hugs!
How did you like San Antonio? :D
The photos are great! Great coverage! :thumbup:
Congrats on your son joining! :thumbup:
thanks ya'll.... i appreciate the comments...

i remebered elsapet when your son joined... and i thought, that has to be so i is hard...

oh, and littleman, where have you been, boy?? i missed you...
i was gonna try to hook up with ya at san antonio...but i figured just me would be more than you could want, the whole adams family might just send you over the edge...( husband is cousin it...see above!!)

i loved san antonio....loved the river walk.... its was so time and pallie will go by ourselves to visit.... the people with me were too nervous to enjoy it....!!
Wow! Beautiful shots! Your son is a handsome young man and looks very sharp in uniform! I can imagine how very proud you must be! Thanks for sharing these!

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