Hooray for Image Stabilisation...


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Feb 16, 2006
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... otherwise I couldn't have got this shot of the underside of the Octagon at Ely Cathedral. It was a whole family day out in winter. I was restricted to the camera and one lens, no tripod, no time to prop the camera, having to keep up with wife, offspring and spouse! Using high ISO, the lens wide open, some negative EV, Image Stabilisation On, and my body braced against a column, I got the speed up to 1/6 second! The resultant image is acceptably sharp. In my film days I wouldn't even try below 1/30 second.


For more info go to: http://photoreflect.blogspot.com/2008/01/octagon.html


... having to keep up with wife, offspring and spouse!

a wife and a spouse. oh my! lol

i like the detail in the structure that you captured!

i would have liked to have seen more detail from the stained glass windows.
Wow, who'd have thought Ely was such a popular spot! It's such a beautiful cathedral, though, so I guess it's a draw. I think you did really well under those tough conditions.
Glad you like out small city. My tribe took it all for granted as it is the school chapel!

Needless to say, living on the doorstep you never get round to doing a series on the interior.
Thanks for the feedback Spiffybeth, Antarctican & Fangman. I can see that in-camera IS is going to dramatically extend the possibilities with indoor and long lens shooting.

Clarification Spiffybeth - the wife was with me, the spouse with my oldest son. I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea :wink:.

Fangman - I was there to see the list of landlords of "The Lamb", one of whom is an ancestor of ours. As for the cathedral, as I say in today's blog entry - great interior, interesting but unusual to the point of odd, exterior. And this from someone whose principal interest (even more than photography) is ecclesiastical architecture :wink:.

Regards, Tony

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