horriblest results with my shoot today

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by sunlou, Jul 5, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    Ok so took my sunday afternoon to try HDR. and It didn't work at all. tried following tutorials on the web.

    tried photoshop, photomatix and qtpfsgui.

    i am posting one plese help... I've seen wonders on Flickr with these...

    I have a Canon rebel Xs. use AEB +/- 2ev. (I tried it playing in Av and Tv and manual)

    one has a lot of noise... even after reductuin with noise ninja...

    Help what I do wrong. Know the tre moves in the one picture... and my clouds where not very interesting... but I can't really control the weather ... I'ts been raining every day for 2 weeks now...

    anyways .. thanks in advance.. for tips on the scenes the picture taking and post processing



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    ive never done an hdr yet but try these.

    1. iso 100 -200

    2. make sure you have 3 photos with very diiferent exposures highlighting 3 different things. each picture should have one highlighted object.

    3. your problem is that your not highlighting points in the pictures. for example in 2 the graves should be bright in one. background trees bright in another. then make the big tree in the middle dark.

    better weather would deffinatley make them more interesting.

    i know this is just a little info.
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    A problem i've had with a few of mine seems to be in the first one, is the church meant to be out of focus? I use f11 around to get my HDRs so quite alot of scene is in focus. This may be intended my you though. For me, some HDRs just never work, they may look good in my mind but horrible on screen, try playing with the sliders more and more with photomatix. Also remember to touch it up in Photoshop afterwards, i layer mask the properly exposed photo into the shot a bit usually to clear up areas that are, too HDR. Good Luck!

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