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Horse close up


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Nov 12, 2007
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Alberta, Canada
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Hello... Just wondering if you could give me a few pointers about what you like or don't like about these pictures - in simple terms, I'm just learning! For some reason I like to be off to the right.. not sure why.

Hmm...Well first off I just love the warm lighting and frosties on the horses whiskers. I would like it allot more if it was straight on and I could see both shoulders. Looks like a buff horse :) The second one I am just not connecting with any part of the picture. Keep it up, love seein the horsie pics!
Thanks for your feedback... that first picture is actually of my 7 month old filly... she's going to be a tank!

May I ask... do you prefer this picture over the second one? I liked the lighting in the first one better... again with the off to the right... no idea why! I kinda wish her head was tilted a little to the left so you could see more of her eye.
I think perhaps if she were looking to the side it would be better. But the crop over all just doesn't do it for me. And as you said the lighting in your origional posts second pic is much better...this one is way flatter.
I didn't crop it, I zoomed in to take the picture. I'll try again tho :) Thanks!

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