Horse + Strobe =


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Oct 16, 2012
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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK
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Thank you! Starting with the flash was scary, but getting it off camera was the best thing I ever did, even if it just cabled for now. I love being able to control the light and am constantly learning!
Very, very, very nice, Jenna! Love this shot!

Funny enough, I took a couple of pictures of some horses while in Lexington yesterday. I wondered how they would react to a flash. But not knowing much about horses I was afraid to try!

But you did try and the result is fantastic!
Nice shot. I've always been afraid of how much a flash would bother/spook a horse but it doesn't sound like you had any problems.
Really nice. There is one thing I'd say, which is more of a suggestion than a criticism, but I'm thinking the horse's eye could use a few strokes of the burn tool. As it is, the pupil has a bit of a "milky" look to it, and I think it'd look better if it were black.
what lighting and did you diffuse it?

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