Hot Chocolate Morning in Paris


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Apr 10, 2009
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This past February I went on a trip to Paris, France...Some hot chocolate in the Cafe Metro...the perfect drip caught my attention and I decided to capture its awkward "perfect"position:
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I have been to Paris several times so I get it, but for someone who has never been there this does not tell a story.

If the title did not say Paris in it, this could be any cafe in any city in the world.

You could do a bit of work to warm this picture up, right now it seems to have a bit of a cool blue tone to it and for me that does not tell the story you are looking for.
Perhaps I should reword my ME, this photo sums up a morning in Paris for ME. The photo itself doesn't need to tell that story to viewers, though.

I thought the cool tone aided in the "relaxed, cloudy morning" feel...because, as you probably know, it's cloudy and cool most mornings in Europe.

Perhaps because of the "hot chocolate" concept, the photo should have a warmer tone?

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