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May 18, 2011
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Yokosuka Kanagawa Japan
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got out to a classic show last weekend. please C&C me. I was working on my lighting and exposure along with trying new angles for the cars. Some problems I found was background noise as you can see in some of the pictures. ie... ol dudes hanging on the fence and so on.
There are more on my smugmug page just follow the pics to my site. Also if you guys see what im doing wrong or could improve on let me know.
All of these were shot at full manual setting .

You did good, car shows around here are usually a disaster to get shoots at. I like the ZZ Top truck. The pictures seem slightly flat (maybe the car colors) but you isolated the subjects nicely.
Car Shows often require a crap load of processing to get something decent.
Here's a pair of shots I did on Saturday at a car show too.

I know it may be a bit crowded at occasions like this, but you need to be aware of leaving "breathing space" around your subject. Right now they look too cropped, out of air to breath.

Hot rods don't usually fascinate me, rat rod on the other hand......

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