How are these as portrait photograph?


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Mar 9, 2007
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The serious look..


I know these picture look a bit noisy on the screen but the noise turn out to be acceptable when it came out on print. I like to have critique on the composition, lighting, background and thing like that. Thanks
I think the first one has better lighting and a better background, but the second one has better composition. If the top of the head hadn't been cut off in the first one, it'd have been better. The second one's background is too busy, but the composition is better.
thanks Trenton for the comment. I was having a hard time deciding between these two. The first one, the eyes just stare straight at you, the second picture, the stare from the eyes wasn't as intent.

btw, when you mention that the background was busy, did the background included the bench? I didn't think this background was all that busy and it is quite blur but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyone else have any comments and critiques on these two?
I agree that the background is a bit busy in the second one. There is a tree, albeit soft, sprouting out of the poor boys head. Keep an eye out for possible growths (background objects like trees, poles, flowers etc that shoot out of your subjects head) when shooting people.
I like the first one because it is intimate where the second one feels like a snapshot. I might crop the first one a bit tighter because the haircut is slight odd.
I like the emotion of the second one better, but his shoulder look oddly positioned to me. Does anyone else think so or is it just me?
thanks for the comments guys, I'll keep an eyes for trees and branches next time, I didn't even think about it until you guys mentioned it specifically.

Regarding the expression, I thought the second one was the more normal of the the two. I thought the first one was pretty funny, he kinda have the " what the heck are you doing?" kinda look. lol.

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