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Jul 11, 2015
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Hi fellas!
I am new to photography.
The other day, I clicked these two pictures and liked how they turned out after some editting.W

What do you guys think?
How can I improve these further?
DSC_0084 copy.jpg
DSC_0063 copy.jpg
IMO you've got the basic idea in your first image. You probably didn't notice the pole dead center though or that you have cropped the building edges in favor of adding more stripes at the bottom.

I would like to thank you for getting down low for the second shot. Most student photogs don't think to do that. I would have much preferred a composition that didn't center the direction you've instructed my eyes to follow. Overall, while the second shot is OK, it's not necessarily a shot that will stand out for its content.
Not bad at all. Like them both.
IMHO I'd like to see some more contrast in the first one and less foreground in the second one. And lose the pole in the first ones as well ?
The first is ok second lacks a subject imo.

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Here is the first one without the pole. What say?
DSC_0084 copy copy.jpg

I can see that there is nothing in the second pic that catches one's attention. Is that why people aren't liking it as much?

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