How boredom strikes on a 1700km roadtrip...


still being picky Vicky
Feb 21, 2005
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Yes... 1700 kms is a very long way... it's about how far you travel in an airplane in 2 hours... it's about the distance I drove a few months ago in 2 days. Let's just say it was a little boring after the first 5 hours of bushland... and then a small town and then another 5 hours of bush. hehehe. Don't ya love Australia?

So here's a couple of trees I saw along the way. Don't worry, Adrian was driving when I took these - not me. Not bad for cruising along a pretty crappy highway at 120km/h hey.


Yes, I also like Photo 1 very much. Wonderful clouds you got there!
oooh forgot I posted these... hehee I almost posted them again and then thought... hmmm haven't i already posted them? :confused:

Ah well... Thanks for your comments guys!

It's funny how both of you like #1, coz I posted both of these photos on my deviant art account as well and people only commented on the second one.
Personally the 1st one's my favourite too.
Great shots. Number one is my fave too.
great shots from a moving vehicle, gave them a really moody feel... :thumbup:
love the clouds in number 1 :thumbup:

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