How do I get this effect?


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Aug 1, 2013
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Ok, I am fairly new to photography and have tried a ton of things to get this kind of coloring (the whitish skin, the kind of "dreamy" or sureal, washed out effect) but aside from blurs, remove color cast, and changing exposure (which really don't do what I want) I am lost. Here are a few examples.
Please can someone tell me how to do this? I have Elements 11, but hopefully will alo have lightroom soon.

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Yet another newbie poster who didn't bother to read the forum rules against posting images without the right to.
Reduced Contrast?
ya know, I cant find a way to get the "right" and cant exactly contact the people who took them. Also, how the heck else am I going to show examples?
you are allowed to post links to photos you don't own, but you can't post the actual photos.
also, from what I can tell, these are heavily edited. The first one and second one have a haze added in post. You can get actions (photoshop) or presets (lightroom) to do this... I can't explain how to do it on your own. The last one, the face has been dodged and smoothed and I personally think it looks bad.
As mentioned you really should remove the pictures and link the images. To answer your question you could search for actions and presets or you could just manually do it. Adjust the tone curve by increasing the highlights and upper mids, and decreasing the shadows and lower mids. The bump in highlights doesn't have to be much, and you can play with mids and shadows until you get desired effect.

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