How do I recover a file created from adobe In design (.indd) ext.


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Nov 24, 2015
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I need help trying locate a file created (with.indd extension apparently from Adobe in design. A client created and worked on a file and then deleted by accident (during a drag and drop across the network) the file from the server share where it was being updated.

There are no remnants of the file being found on the server from any file recovery program (on track etc.) No server Backups were available.

Is it possible to find a temp folder or some sort of reference to the file on the users local PC who originally was working with the file??????
Recover InDesign documents
InDesign Help | Recovery and undo

"Automatically recovered data exists in a temporary file that is separate from the original document file on disk. Under normal circumstances you don’t need to think about automatically recovered data, because any document updates stored in the automatic recovery file are automatically added to the original document file when you choose the Save or Save As command or exit from InDesign normally. Automatically recovered data is important only if you’re unable to save successfully before an unexpected power or system failure."​
Adobe InDesign saves a temporary file that is separate from the original document. This page tells more about it:

Learn InDesign, get help and support | Adobe InDesign CC

But that may only recover a file that had a problem when it was being saved. You might search for any file names with the word (recovered) in it.

I don't know will help you or not, but you can still try the Photoshop Recovery Toolbox in case if the recommendations I gave above will not help. I personally often this utility helps in such a situation. It is your choice. Can try just in case.
Thank you all guys for your advice! The issue has been resolved.

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