How i spent my weekend !!!


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Aug 18, 2010
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Miami, Fl.
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Manny, #1 looks good, nice job. Now #2-6 are just missing something, maybe you should have put #1 last to help improve the others ;)
Ron I thought the exact thing about #1 as soon as I hit submit :banghead: hahahah. Yea when on the flats boat I never take the "big " cameras , these boats are way too wet to risk . I just take my little Lumix lx5 , great little machine .

The sandbar is a fun place to hang , but always packed , as you can see. All snapshots really , just wanted to try and make some of you jealous :smileys:
I would like a ride with that crew. :D

Ron , If you are ever down around these parts , give me a shout out , will make sure and get you out there !!!
Wow! With a great boat like that you could have gone fishin'.

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