How long do cameras usually last?

Abby Rose

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Feb 17, 2010
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Digital cameras, that is. I know that there are old old old film cameras still in service.

This is assuming that you don't drop them or anything, and treat them reasonably gently.

Just wondering. :)
Until they kick the bucket. Most current DSLR's are rated to 100,000 shutter actuations. Doesn't mean that's when they're guaranteed to die either.
Many have a maximum shutter rating, generally 50k, 100k, or 150k. How much do you shoot a week?
Well it depends on the week...

So it's hard to say, basically? Gotcha. :)
Well it depends on the week...

So it's hard to say, basically? Gotcha. :)

That's my point. ;) My Rebel 350D is still going strong since August 2005. My 7D is about 10-11 months old and fine. My PowerShot S30 pretty much died about 2 years ago after having it since the summer of 2002. But I don't shoot as often as a photojournalist, and a wedding photographer will use them at a different rate, too.
Two years max as you usually want a new one when it usually is the time new release is out ;)
Once the shutter's shot you get it replaced and you're gtg; its not an expiration date.. more like a "please service" date :)
I got my Canon Rebel XT 3 years ago, and thus far it is still going strong, even after being dropped and fully submerged in a pond this summer. Only issue is the date and time has been resetting lately (all of my recent pictures are now dated 1/1/04).
I have my first digital which still works fine, Fuji S2Pro, I bought it 2nd hand in 03, it was new in 2002 and based on a nikon body. H

PS. Its been used a lot, don't know how many shots though as I set it up to begin at 0 with a new card.
Also old film cameras had a shutter that lasted around 100K, but typically you took much, much less pictures, because you had to pay at every shutter release (film, and in case also print).
Some cameras allow to see how many shots you take.
I've heard some say that they replace their camera body every two years... (primarily comptetive wedding photographers.) I've heard others say they hold onto their cameras until it seem absolutely necessary to upgrade. I met one wedding photographer in the area who has been shooting with the same body for several years and doesn't plan on upgrading any time soon. As long as you take care of your camera and the very occasional shutter repair it may need, it could carry you for a long time. =)
Has anyone here had their shutter repaired/replaced? What's the cost? Just curious.

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