How many photos can I take before it dies.


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Dec 7, 2007
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On average how many photos can be taken with a Canon 350D/Rebel XT before the shutter goes out or needs to be repaired?

What are some of the signs that is is wearing out?

50000 or so. The signs that it is wearing out is when it breaks it's worn out. There's no way to tell when it will fail. There some cameras out there that have done well over 3x it's expected shutter life without failure.

I wouldn't worry about it. It's an entry level camera chances are if you take 50000 photos you'll want to upgrade the camera before it dies anyway, and even if you don't it's not too expensive to fix.
ummmm........I guess like he said 50,000 or when it does turn on or something like that.
there's a couple of threads about this subject already. And it depends on the camera. My camera says it can go for 60,000-100,000 but i have heard of people going on 200,000 and still no problems.

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