How many posters are on your wall?


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Mar 14, 2006
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I have around 40, includeing a limited edition san andreas, limited edition knights of the old repbulic, and my pride and joy a limited edition 1982 first 7 foot incredible hulk poster. Its massive and still has its full color.
I have three posters. One is Pearblossom Highway by David Hockney that I picked up at the Getty Center in LA. The other two are signed turntablism posters that nobody here would know anything about.
lol @ "several a few"
I think I have somehow grown out of posters on the wall, could that be?
We have a good many "original Schleiffers" on our walls, and that would not be my photos, but my father-in-law's canvasses. But no posters... that was 30+ years ago... (sorry to be revealing my age yet again).
bantor said:
but i have a huge wall sized map. Lame I know.

Not lame...or, I could be lame myself. I have a big 3' X 4' world map on my miscellaneous room wall. Whenever I get antsy, I look at it, pick a country, pick up a Lonely Planet book, and off I go!! It keeps me happy.
Oh cool, send us a pic of your house, hot shot, will you? Please! ;)
none... only pictures framed... my own pictures framed actually :]
Only the one poster .. Alicia Silverstone, I think is from clueless :mrgreen:

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