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How often should photos for C&C be posted?

  • Everyday!!!

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  • Twice a week

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • Once a week

    Votes: 5 41.7%
  • Once a month

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Mar 15, 2008
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What would be an appropriate time gap to post photos to C&C?
You mean how long before posting photos for C&C? Or how long in between photos?

If it's either of those questions, there is no set time, just post whenever you want C&C. However, do keep in mind that we don't like posts with 20+ images. Just do a few like maybe 3-5 images per post.
I don't mind seeing a person take the advice they get, apply it, and come display the work they've done. It becomes too many if the person isn't taking the advice they're getting and just creating tons of new threads with the same quality photos. But either way, I don't have to read every thread (although I pretty much do) so they can post as much as they want. It does make good practice for everyone to critically analyze a photo.
Generally speaking there is no time limit - however one has to put the effort into hte post themselves. If you just post images - or lots of photos - and keep asking for CC people will stop giving since it looks like your just out for freebie offers.

Best thing is to take your best shot (of the day or the week whichever you want) and then put that up - put details such as settings and kit used - what you think of the shot and any questions you have about it and its looks and then ask for CC. Also respond - say thanks - and such when people do comment.
Putting into practice what you learn and also showing reedited versions after editing advice are also good things to do. If you show that your willing to learn and respond well to it then people will take notice and it will help you more.

Remember though that though advice is given you don't have to follow it all - take the parts that you like and that help to advance your photography in the direction you want, but do listen and try new things
I don't think I can give a definite response because if someone is eager to learn and they post photos and then get some good criticism, then they can go out again and shoot with those things in mind and then post again. If that's the case then everyday is fine.
But if someone just thinks there work is good and they want people to tell them how good it is then once a month or so is more appropriate.
Just depends on the situation
like others have said, theres no difinitive should be based on how often you get pics you want CC'd.
Thanks for all the input I appreciate it. I diddnt want to be boggin down forums with unwanted or overly posted C&C requests. Judgin by some of the advice you were nice enough to give. I will be going with the shoot for a week and post the best 3-5 pictures.

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