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Dec 24, 2005
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wonderful lights on a refinery. the flag was a bonus. To put this into scale, the flag is about 500 feet across....

I was across the street on sidewalk, security drove by tried to tell me the cops would take my camera, I told him I would call the cops on him if he didnt leave that minute. I pulled out my phone and started dialing , he took off. what a jerk.



Haha, like your story.. trying to scare with the cops :lol:

Like the pics as well.. especially nr 3 !
they're all amazing. Wow...really good shots man. Glad you didn't give in to the rent a cops.
thanks ! yeah cant give in to the securitas nazi regime.. lol
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's against the law to take your camera if your not doing anything wrong. Good call.

Nice pictures too, it was worth the fight haha.
Is this in Long Beach? I'm almost 100% positive I've seen this off of the 405.
Is this in Long Beach? I'm almost 100% positive I've seen this off of the 405.

Yes this is i guess technically in Carson the corner, the its right off the 405 & wilmington, its 2 miles from middle long beach 4 miles from north long beach surrounding it is delamo and mar vista I thnk,

go 2 miles any direction you end up in another city... but technically i guess its carson. but shops around there say long beach this and that on them..
Now that I think of it, that place is a very interesting place to shoot. The industrial environment gives it that intriguingly different look your photos exude.

On a different note, which Canon model were you using to shoot with?

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