How to cut Bulb Mode off on D7100


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May 2, 2013
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Dallas TX
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I never use bulb mode but some how have cut it on and can't figure out how to change it?

Turn the rear command dial?
My D7000 I have to initiate it with a shutter click, then stop it with a shutter click. I actually use my wireless remote for it.
Well, I somehow was able to shut it off.

It was weird, I shoot in the "M" position and generally have full control. I tried switching positions, clicking the shutter, and even resetting the camera back to basic settings and pulling the battery. Nothing changed.
wait, is it stuck in bulb shutter mode? or are you trying to take a picture in bulb mode and cannot turn it off to close the shutter and end the exposure ?
Figured it out, Rotating the shutter dial to the left switches to Bulb Mode, rotating to the right cuts it off/switches to regular shutter control. I was in a hurry and had the camera set up around 1/20 last night. So in my hurring to take some sunset pics today, I accidentally rotated the shutter dial in the opissoite direction. I'm disappointed, It wasn't a total loss, I got some cool dusk shots but I really wanted some sunshine reflecting on the downtown building pictures. Oh well, I found some beavers swimming in the river near by. So next time I'm hauling the Telephoto with me.

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