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How to make this jewelry wow instead of meh?


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Nov 19, 2007
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Sacramento CA
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lol I have to agree. A beer bottle isn't exactly glamorous.

Also, could you polish it? It's about as polished as gravel...
What would you suggest I use instead of the bottle? it looks really boring just laying flat (maybe a black background?)
it seriously looks hella cheap, and dirty...

Take it off the bottle. Yes, I think a black background would help. Brightening up the dirty jewelry is not going to help. Polish it...it looks like you used it to scrape ice off pavement.

Then light it from the side, so you don't get huge flash reflections in it with overexposed spots and whatnot.

Just please take it off the bottle....lol.
i agree. the bottle hurts it. i think a black background would really help to make it shine. polishing it would also be good if you can.
One big problem with the Nikon CLS system is you still have to use the on camera flash to trigger your other flashes.
same way on the sony a100. I just use a notecard or my hand to redirect the onboard flash to the reciever on the off-camera flash

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