How to recover data from a Samsung phone with smashed screen?

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Jul 22, 2013
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Recently, the screen of my Samsung phone was smashed. However, after replacing it with another phone, I finally realized that many of my pictures and videos were still stored on the inner SD card of this Samsung phone.
So, I tried it on my computer with a card reader. However, a message was give and asked me to format it before using. Need I format it? If not, please tell me the right ways.
I agree, do NOT format it.

IF the recovery software mentioned above doesn't do anything, I would take the card, the old phone and the new phone to my phone service provider and see if THEY can recover what's on the card for you.

But then, I'm a middle-aged (at least!) southern female who can, when I put my mind to it, use my best Scarlet "I don't know nothin' but using no technology" voice to pretty good effect. :D
It's also possible that the file system the phone uses is proprietary and a PC simply can't read it but I'm just speculating here.

If it's an Android phone, it may be using the EXT file system (3 or 4, probably), but maybe not - not sure, which is standard for Linux (Android is Linux). Anyway - a Windows (windows will generally use FAT32 or NTFS or something) computer will not recognize an EXT file system. It will probably tel you to format the card...

Not totally sure though - Android phones may actually use an NTFS file system just to be compatible with Windows computers...
I have had luck with BitPim in the past with OLDER phones. I don't know how or if it will work with you, but I would give it a shot.
Thank you for your nice help, guys!
Your answers are really helpful for me! Now, I have saved all my wanted videos and pictures by using your recommended data recovery freeware. What a lucky guy, right?
Thank you very much !!!!!!!!
OK! As I know, the “card not formatted” error message generally indicates a memory card problems. This can occur for many different reasons including a computer virus, memory card problem, power surge, or problems with the operating system. If you receive this type of error message, it is important that you act carefully to keep your important data safe.

1. Do NOT click "yes" to format the card in case that it make things worse.

2. Do NOT attempt to write anything new on this card in case of any data loss.

3. Download memory card data recovery software to help you. There are many data recovery tools out there. But, no all of them could be efficient and useful enough. You should pay much attention to opt for a proper one.

Here are some free memory card data recovery programs that may help you a lot: Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.

4. Run the selected card recovery tool to retrieve your inner files and pictures.

Note: Actually, in your case, if you have backed up everything important on another card or storage device before, you would not have so many troubles. Therefore, you should learn a lesson to do regular data backups.

Thank your for your detailed steps.
In computing, I really don't know much! But, for your steps and recommended data recovery freeware, I have restored all my wanted pictures and videos back.
Thanks a lot!
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