How to retain true color on web jpegs?

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Feb 24, 2009
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I've noticed when I put a photo up on flickr or photobucket, it tends to kill the saturation of the photo, often leaving out yellows and greens. If I compare the version on my computer vs. the one on the web, there is a huge difference in quality and I'm wondering if there is anything to do to combat this?
Are you perhaps trying to upload images that are not in the sRGB color space?
What web browser are you using? Some browsers do not respect embedded color profiles, which means that they'll appear differently than intended.
I mostly use Google chrome for my web browser, but I just tried IE and Safari, and Safari actually rendered my colors correctly! Thanks for the tip! So do other browsers just toss that info out in order to increase speed? I was thinking the jpeg compression was throwing out all the nice tones to my photos but now I see they're still there.
I suspect it's not speed, but just the fact that color management is yet another feature that users want, and it's pretty far down the list compared to speed and stability and the ability to run the latest and greatest online apps... that's just my guess though. :)
Firefox 3 supports color management, although it's disabled by default. To enable it, go to about:config in the address bar, and set the preference gfx.color_management.enabled to true. Then restart Firefox.
I don't want to add another web browser to my already large list of browsers (mostly unused). I liked Chrome because of it's simplicity, but the new Safari isn't bad. I'm just excited my photos look like they should, but also bummed that people who don't use the color enhanced browsers see the bland photos I was seeing. Oh well, thanks for the advice everyone!
some people say its from the web browser

Who are you? Are you just going to each thread and summarizing what people have already said? If you read my last post here, I clearly know it's the web browser. Thanks though for clarifying.

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