How to shoot nudes of 1 to 65 year olds


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Dec 13, 2008
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Now that all of you are here, :lol: I am looking for some help shooting at a zoo.

I am in San Diego, and want to shoot at the Zoo. Any tips are welcome.
Ok, glad I could give someone a laugh...
Lol. But still no tips.
yeah, use a telephoto lens. in my case, i'd use my 75-300. also use a tripod if u got one for more steady shots, since that little shake in your hands will seem much more extreme when zoomed into a 200-300mm angle. also, using a wider aperture (small number, in my case f/4-5.6) will give u more light to work with, allowing u to take faster shots, thus avoiding camera shake as much, and will also give u a nice narrow DOF to work with.
Don't use a tripod. There will (obviously) be other people there that will be moving and the worst thing (in this case) kids. They will be running around potentially hitting your tripod. If you need support go with a monopod. And since your lens is 2.8 I don't think camera shake will be a problem.
Yeah, I have a gitzo monopod, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for the guide and the help.
Many times if you are using a very shallow depth of field with a 200mm or larger, you can get the camera so close to fencing that it blurs completely out of the picture. Doesn't always work, but it's worth a try.
Be sure to check out my new thread. It shows my results. It is at Animal Shots. Thanks for the help.

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