how to take pics of stars


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Jan 9, 2008
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hi there im new to photography and iv just got the canon rebel xt 350d hope this is a ok camera to start out with any way i would like to no how u get pics of the stars what settings do u use iv tryed getting pics of the moon and getting the stars but it wont happen its really winding me up thanks alot for your help ...

sorry for any words i spell wrong im a thick git :lol::lol:
When I did the moon, I took a shot at f/8 at 1/250. Try that, and work from thre to see what works best for you for the moon.

Stars on the other hand...I have no clue.
Have you tried using the search tool at the upper right? There likely some info for you in the forum somewhere.

There is a thread going on about the upcoming lunar eclipse in February here. You could try PM-ing the OP as I think he's quite knowledgeable on night shots.
for astrophotography, you'll want a mid-range aperture, like f8 or so. if you have it too small, you'll need longer exposures to get all the stars. if you have your aperture too large, then you will get blooming of the stars, and they kind of look like little blobs instead of nice clean points of light. I usually do about 20-30 seconds when i'm using a wide angle, shorter for more amplification becasue the stars are always moving (the earth actually,but you know) use a high iso, (to get more light) and just experiment

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