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Oct 30, 2007
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is there any site i can upload a few images and make a GIF?
are you wanting an animated gif? After a quick google search, I found this link which may or may not be what you're looking for.
I am kinda confused about that site.
haha thank you though.
i have like 4 images of my friend doing a board slide that i want to make a gif...
You can make them in photoshop. Gifs take away from the quality though.

If you'd like I can put them together for you.
You can make them in photoshop. Gifs take away from the quality though. there a tutorial somewhere on the web that teaches how to do this on photoshop? That would be great....or if you can tell me what the process is called in photoshop.

Stealing my thread?
haha kidding.
I'm actually curious myself.
And I know that it takes away quality I just want it to be half decent. ha
Stealing my thread?

lol no i just asked since its within the scope of the topic...

btw, are there rules about stealing people's threads on this forum? just curious dont wanna upset anybody with my newbitity :p
If you want me to put the pics together in a gif you can post all of them here and I can do it for you.

Otherwise this is how I do it, maybe theres different ways but whatever.
Drag all the pics into photoshop. Push select all on the second pic of the sequence and copy paste it onto the first picture in the sequence. When you do this it will automatically put it on a new layer. Then do the same thing for all the pics in the sequence (remember to put them in order)

Then go to file, go to save for web. On the file format box select gif, then check off animation. Go down to the animation section and you can adjust the speed in which it changes each picture.

Not sure if I explained good enough, haha. Let me know if you still dont get it.
I got as far as save for web then I couldnt find the check off animation thing?

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