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Jul 9, 2010
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Curious....when i view my photos on flickr, at large size they look ok, but when i click to view original size, they are fuzzy.
Which quality will my prints be if i print them as an 8x10?

I ask this because i have had some that print really great and some that look great and are sizable for an 8x 10 but when i get the prints they are fuzzy! I dont want to continue ordering prints with a hit and miss chance they will be good enough to frame.

If someone doesnt mind to take the time, please go to my flickr and view the image, then view the original size and let me know what you think...
All available sizes | Image25-1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Thanks so much!

PS...I know the image isnt perfect...but the mom still wants prints so i want to be able to give her as much quality as i can.
It will be fine. But you have to crop it with 4:5 ratio. Right now your crop ratio is all messed up. You didnt follow your sensor size ratio. make sure you crop it to 4:5 first before you print it to 8x10.
Ok, im having a duh moment.....
Crop or resize? My cropping tool doesnt have a ratio....
Should i go back with the original size from the camera before i do this?
Ok...Ive tried cropping to 8x10 but when i email them in i always get the warning that size cant make 8x10.
Ill try these suggestions though.
Go to image> image size and and make it 8h and 10w since this is a landscape oriented shot and make it 300dpi.
Go to image> image size and and make it 8h and 10w since this is a landscape oriented shot and make it 300dpi.

eehhhhhhh.. no. If you do that you will distort the photo.. YOu need to resize the canvas! Not the image! You can lock the ratio of the crop easy. Just go to the help menu depending on what program you are using.
Are you using a version of Jasc Paint Shop Pro? It would be easiest to help you if you mentioned the application and version you are using. This looks to me like Paint Shop Pro 7... though I could be wrong.

If anything, you'd want to use 'Canvas Size', not 'Resize'. Resize is just going to try to smoosh all the photograph into a rectangle of a differing size. That means you'll end up with everything looking disproportionate.

If you use 'Canvas Size' instead, it'll crop out an 8x10 portion... shaving off the parts of the photo that don't fit.

Though, it would be easiest to use the crop tool. Just tell it to maintain an aspect ratio of 1.25:1 for your crop selection area.

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