(How) would you crop this photo?


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Jun 7, 2013
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Sunset ray by ol_ucla, on Flickr

Saw this sunset rays when I was out for running in the neighborhood, rushed home to grab my DSLR, but forgot to check the lens that's already attached.
Turned out to be a 55-200mm lens used for previous trip.

Took the photo with what I had by holding camera vertically and at 55mm to get the most of the scene, then stitched together.

1. What other ways under such conditions will you take the shot?
2. Would you crop or edit this photo at all? if so, how?

for me, the top portion of blue sky (above the clouds) is kind of empty, but still want to keep the rays. And the cloud on the top right is standing out.
And yes, I need to clean my sensor...

Please give me some advices. Thx!!

love by ol_ucla, on Flickr

As for this one, I made the photo black and white and add the decoration. I'd like to get some comments on composition and cropping as well. Thx.
And just for fun, how would you name this photo? ;)
Beautiful sky mate, love the rays. I don't think a crop would help though, really the issues for me is the foreground just is not interesting. I'd try and get an interesting sillouette in the shot or put a subject in there and light it with flash.

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