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how would you do this?

I would say just like that, however if that's not your image, pls convert it to a link.
what should i be using for settings though? fast shutter slow shutter?
I would say, not slow ... but not extremely fast. 1/125 or 1/160 'ish ....

Best bet, search burnout on Flickr ... then check the exif data on the shots. That's what I just did, and thats the two shutter speeds I saw
If the spinning wheels can be seen you need a slow enough shutter speed so they are blurry.
Thanks Keith
I agree 100% with Geaux. I've done a of shots with varying kinds of smoke. You don't want it to be too fast of a shutter because light actually passes through the smoke quite easily, and you'll barely see the smoke. But you don't want to be too long or it will be a blur. 1/60-1/200 is really great, but right in the middle of that is ideal. 1/60 might be a bit slow, although looks great in a cigarette ad.

Good luck! Hope to see the image when it's done :)

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