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Sep 9, 2010
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Ok. I took these photos with the intent to do something interesting with them. Photo #1 is an example of having the end result that I like. However photo #2 is it its origial unedited form and I cant do anything with it. I have no vision here. Perhaps #2 is not a good subject to begin with but wanted to see what you guys thought or could do.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'd do with it. It would help to know why you edited #1 and what it is that you like about the style. Also what do you like about #2 and what are you trying to say?

Without any direction though, I played with it. I basically just tried to darken it up, increase contrast a bit and desaturate the yellows. I cloned out the tree on the right too.. I don't really think it looks better though - but it's different I guess.

Nice cloning work, reznap, but I just don't think the composition is that interesting. The first one works because the elements come together in an interesting way. Too green for my taste, at least the way it looks on this screen, but a good image. Give up on the second and go shoot some more like the first!
Thanks guys - I am glad I did not "see it" either. I edited # 1 because I was trying to play with the cross process effect. I wanted the photo to look old and keep the clock face and cafe sign standing out. No real direction with it other than just playing around. I will forget about #2 and try other practice shots.

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