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Nov 7, 2007
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Name's Jeff and I'm just a couple of years away from being an AARP member.

First got interested in photography back in the late 70's when I was in the service and you could get great cameras for great prices overseas. Started with a Minolta 110 Zoom SLR (which I still have and use).


It was (and is) small and handy to tuck in my flight bag or shove in a flight suit pocket.

A GI bill helped finance a degree in advertising/business along with a second degree in photojournalism/english after getting out of the service. This is where and when I discovered The Darkroom. Unfortunately, after college I didn't have time/inclination/space to continue pursuing my photography--I went the advertising agency route.

Now several decades later, retired from advertising and back home in Texas, I have just recently invested in a new enlarger, safelight, easels, digital timers, etc etc and converted part of my 240 sq ft workshop into a darkroom.

As expected, my first few rolls of film and prints weren't much better now than my first few rolls and prints twenty-five years ago. You don't forget the basics, but it is the details and "tricks" that really make a photo pop.

I shoot 35mm and medium format, have a Holga that has never been out of the box, the Minolta 110 SLR and bought a nice digital camera for point-and-shoot pics to do nothing more than send in e-mails. But the ease and convenience of digital has opened up a whole new world and now I'm seriously considering a digital SLR set-up.


Being semi-retired, my wife and I travel in our small plane and always have a camera with us. I also have a collection of woodworking power tools and make my own frames, cut my own mats and cut my own glass to house the pictures I take.

Most of my previous work has been more of the commercial and journalistic nature. Now that most of that life is behind me, I'm working to explore the more intrepretive and artistic side of photography. I recently just finished shooting a black & white series on derelict airplanes and abandoned airports. Not happy with much of it, so I'm going to go out and try it again.

The stuff I've seen from many of you here is impressive. As in very impressive. I used to go through other ad agencies work for inspiration and ideas, and I'm finding that applies here.

This is by far the most you'll probably ever see me type from this point forward--I'm normally more content to "lurk" and listen and only contribute when I think I might have something decent to throw into the conversation.

I'm also interested in information about the "TPF Subscriber" if any of the moderators can give me any details.


Hi Jeff. First things first, AARP is great! :lol: Then, a warm welcome to you to this Forum. Have fun.
Greetings, Jeff, and welcome to the forum! Thanks, too, for the interesting background info.
Hi Jeff. First things first, AARP is great! :lol:

Thanks. I'm looking forward to all the great discounts--maybe the only real advantage to growing old.


Maybe you can get some great discounts on camera gear!!

I think the discounts are more for things like Preparation H, Ben Gay, Advil, Tylenol Arthritis, all the colon-blow cereals, anti-balding agents (fortunately, something I won't have to worry about),


bi-focal reading glasses, hip & joint replacement surgeries, etc.

*Sigh* If only they'd give out discounts on useful things like bulk film, 16 x 20 processing trays, av gas, boat wax and hotel rooms with hot tubs in them.


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