Hoyo filter kit quality

Looks good. Multicoated is a must, and UV + Polarizer are my two most-used filters (UV for protection, Polarizer for... anything involving water, sky, sun, etc.).
For what it's worth, I only ever had two filters that blemished on me, and they were both Hoyas. And another thing, not all UV's are created equal. Some are only good for protecting the lens.

I thought I had a site bookmarked that rated these filters, but I can't find it. I do remember the Tiffen UV1 was top rated. (the straight Tiffen UV though, was rated junk.)
Hoya makes high quality filters. If it's multi-coated it should be fine. As far as I know, even the cheapest Hoya filters are at least mono(single)-coated.
Other than the fact that you could get it much cheaper from ebay the Hoya HMC line of filters are a good choice.

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