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Lisa B

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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I know this is not photographic equiptment but it is for a photography venture, so i am hoping i might find someone that has any of the following for free, if possible, or for sale...

i need some white and/or coloured muslin for backdrops, couple of meters in length minimum, any width.

i also need sheets of plastic/perspex! I need as much of this as i can get in any shape, size or thickness - it can be a cover from a picture frame, sheets of perspex used for anything from windows to barriers, covers, boxes , whatever - i do NOT want glass as that wont work for my idea - i know its a strange request but if you have any, i would be greatful - or if you knowwhere i might be able to get some!

Also i need a light reflector and a remote for an olympus e500 - i lost mine when i moved!! Duh!!

Any help with any of these would be great, let me know!!


Lisa xxx
FREE?!? Nothings free! :lmao:

Just a heads up..
Lots of people use Muslin and its not really that cheap.
What you've described is about 30-40 dollars of muslin, per colour


Don't buy reflectors! Make one from white board!
Yeh i know its expensive, the muslin, but my mum always said if you dont ask you dont get! :) I usually use sheets....

and i didnt think of white board, thats an awesome idea, god im stupid!

its the perspex im interested in the most :)

i tried freecycle but its not so good in my area :(

freecycle was better in the uk, where i was before, i used to get most of my stuff on there...

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