Humming Bird


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Jun 15, 2013
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United States
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Really nice Ruby Throated! I had a couple females come by in the early spring, but haven't seen them for a couple months.
What was your shutter speed for this shot?
The shutter speed was 250 because I was using flash and I keep my aperture at f8. This was taken very late in the day and I used an SB-600 flash. Thanks for your comment.
The flash has given it a painterly effect which I find quite pleasant. Very nice bokeh as well.
very very nice, I happen to like the blur factor
It's a plenty stunning bird, awesome shot of your Shep1. Love this cute flying bird. Thanks!
Beautiful colors and capture. I know how hard it is to get shots like this. I will try flash on mines next time. Thanks for posting.
Fantastic shot!!! Really nice!

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