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Aug 30, 2006
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I apologise for not posting any images this year yet (actually not even taking any!) ... and also for hardly posting any critique or comments lately :confused:
I would also like join in with the apologies. Like Alex, nothing of any significance has emerged from my camera this year - unless you count one appalling mugshot used for a membership card at a hotel in Bahrain (should have turned IS off when the camera was on the tripod)
OK, so I am not alone here :)

And one twentyfourth of this year is already over! :(
My efforts tend to be concentrated in short frenetic batches - not that frenetic would be an adjective associated with my output.
I am definitely in the same boat... :(
Oh my, I initiated a landslide?
No wait! If we're all in a boat and there's a landslide happening nearby, isn't that going cause us something of a problem? I don't want to rock the boat now...
Boat, waggon, landslide, whatever.
But ... in the first one/twentyforth of the year (so much time has passed already? :shock: ), my camera has not produced anything worth showing (or even looking at), either, apart from one portrait which is going into the programme booklet of a children's musical production ... but not even that is worth being shown here on TPF.

Other than that, I just cannot be bothered...
losers! for I have taken over 500 photos this year

I might even take the lens cap off next time
I appologise for posting photos this year. So far I have posted three - almost twice as many as last year.
not me... I'm in my prime :lol:

I'm still learning and growing as a photographer, so everyday is exciting, and even more so with every new tool I acquire.

It's my music where I'm hitting a wall creatively. I havent felt significant progress in a long long time. Thats the price you pay for have been playing for 15+ years... writers block :(
I could be in the same boat. The only shooting so far this year has been a few live bands. But no PJ or studio stuff at all. The bands just show up and play. My wife shows up and drinks. Since my transplants, I just show up, so out comes the camera. Besides, I gotta make enough to buy Cathy's 151 & Coke. (used to call it brain remover, now I just say panty remover)

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