I cant wait for nice weather!


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Nov 27, 2006
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We had almost 70 degree weather in PA last week and I took advantage. These are of my son but I wanted to show them here because I think this will be my thing for 2008 as far as business goes!

I recognize the cast from the wall in the ones with the red and green but I havent gotten time to remove it since these are just mine I have other things going on - i didnt bring a reflector with me! We had 1/2 hour fo daylight left so I jsut took off out the door with my kids and my camera!




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Sweet pics...he's got great eyes. I like the bright colours of the walls (as he had on the right shirt to go against them), and really like that tilt shot with the crumbling wall (#2).
Don't change a thing. Great shots, very cute!
These are some of the best you've ever done IMO! He has some really great expressions in these. My favorites are #1 and #2, but they are all very good.

Excellent work! :thumbup:

antarctican - thanks. :) I love those walls - and all of those places are right down the street from me! SO I can play lots - I hope one of my seniors wants to have them done there this year! That would be so cool.

emogirl - he has so many expressions I cant even catch em all! And I was wondering if anyone would actually not mind the casts. I do know that I could probably somehow use a reflector but with children that is so not practical - usually I'm lucky to get them to stand in one place and look at me for long! LOL

heip - thanks again. :)

njman - thanks, I dont know who in the world helped me to learn all that stuff in elements. ;)
Wow Kathi! I really like the attitude going on in that last one with the board. Cute kid + great photographer = excellent photos!
April - thanks. He makes som every funny expressions, it's hard not to laugh at him even when he is being bad. ;)

acaldwell - I'm glad you like them, thanks for the ncie words. :) He did such a good job making the attitude faces I was wondering, will everyone think my kid is a total jerk? LOL he's actually a very sweet kid. ;)

Pete- hey there. I do plan on going there again to take more - they have about every wall color you can imagine!!!! The location is neat - one big long street of brightly colored businesses and lots of graffiti and all that fun stuff. I will try some more colors when the weather breaks. :)
OH DUH!!!! I thought you meant another wall hahahah! Oh my gosh I am too tired today! LOL
That looks neat - I hadn't thought of doing that. Thanks for the play and the idea. :)

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